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Nike SB Australia

Posted by Rushmann

Filmed & edited by Darcy Sparkes

Meet Jack O' Grady the newest member to the Nike SB Australia team. At only 12 years old he is already making a name for himself.


Anonymous said...


Rushmann said...

This video is up before he was hooked up by Nike SB

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dont bedek ahh

Anonymous said...

he wearing vans

he not on nike sb he just came 2nd in the new south wale nike comp.. he riding for pig now and some local aussie brands.

Anonymous said...

1st Mikey Mendoza – 14 – QLD
2nd Dani Campbell – 14 – NSW
3rd Dean Johnston – 14 – VIC
4th Keanu Peina – 14 – QLD
5th Jay Runciman – 12 – SA
6th Sam Atkins – 14 – VIC
7th Blake O’Connor – 14 – NSW
8th Mitchell Folley – 14 – NSW
9th Joe Cormack – 13 – NSW (tie)
9th Jack O’Grady – 14 – NSW (tie)

Anonymous said...

Nope you can check out the Nike sb Australia facebook page for more info. Hes on flow.

LCS said...

He is on the flow team guys. Like Rushmann mentioned these videos might be slightly old and before he was put on flow.

Anonymous said...

Mr knows it all

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