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OOTB official store launch

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OOTB (Out of The Bedroom) officially opens this Saturday 28th April 2012. Run by some old skateboarding cats this store carries street wear, skateboarding brands, and their very own OOTB label. Drop by from 11am to 9pm to check out their store, show your support for local brands, and eat some free pizza.

What: OOTB official store opening
Date: Saturday 28th April 2012
Time: 11am to 9pm
Address: OOTB store 2 Seah Im Road 
#01-12 Harbourfront Hawker Center and Bus Interchange 
(At the end of the food centre)

We managed to take some photos before the official opening and sit down for an interview with Fadzly (Co-Owner of OOTB).

What is OOTB? and What does it stand for?
OOTB stands for Out of the Bedroom, basically the idea is that your day starts right out of the bedroom, where you choose your clothes for the day ahead. How good you dress up contributes to how good of a day you have. So we hope to supply the best gear for whatever your plan is for your day!!

What brands do you sell?
We sell our own brand of tees as well as an array imported and local tees such as Jeepney, Mishka, Loser Machine, Bloodbath, Amongst Friends, Tygerbrand, Hardwear, STUV with more to come. We also carry skateboarding brands LIONCITY, Terrorkota and Hella.

Why the decision to open a store?
It has been a long time coming, as we have a passion for clothing and design. When opportunity knocks on your door..damn!! You got to do it!!

Why this location (inside a food court)?
We wanted a more ghetto feel. We are skaters and in a way skateboarding is raw and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We chose a location where people can hang out, grab some food and relax. You can't chill inside a mall store like you can at our store!

What are your operating hours?
Monday to Thursday: 11am -8pm
Friday to Saturday:  2pm -10pm

What's the stores address?
2 Seah Im Road, #01-12 Harbourfront Hawker Center and Bus Interchange  (At the end of the food centre)

Whats the store's phone number?
You can contact us by SMS at 90667131 or email us at

Do you have a website or Facebook account?
OOTB website is still in the works. Drop us a message on Facebook Outof Thebedroom (ootb)

Last words?
Come check out our store! Thank you LCS for the interview, photos and helping promote the local skateboarding scene!


Anonymous said...

how much is heel bruise or chick shirt?

Keith said...

What is the postal code?

Anonymous said...

do u sell griptape uncle wan i am haleem's niece

Amsyar said...

howmuch is the hat

Anonymous said...

Lioncity deck still available?

Anonymous said...

update on current location pls,heard it moved?

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