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Check out what happened to skateboarder Vincent at *SCAPE last weekend. While skating his wheel hit a small pebble causing him to fall and cut his eyebrow open. Playspace comprises of a large open area with basketball courts and an open space where skateboarders congregate. The basketball courts were re-painted in July 2011 and as a result the flooring is now rough and not suitable for skateboarders. When the courts aren't being used you will often find skateboarders practicing their tricks here.  We have already informed the management about the abrasive flooring and have instructed them not to re-do anymore areas.

Vincent mentioned that if the flooring was smooth like it used to be and if there wasn't any debris (small stones, twigs, leaves etc) his injury may have been avoided.

We contacted SCAPE about this issue last July 2011.

"Floor is too rough for skateboarding
  • Safety issue - Any fall on this surface will result in an abrasion to the skin.
  • Smooth surface is required for skateboarding and inline.
  • Equipment issue – skateboard will wear down faster on this type of surface.
Generally, you risk skateboarders and bladers choosing to practice elsewhere if the flooring is not attended to.

We took the time to talk among our peers and ask other users what they think about the flooring.  They 100% agree that the rough surface / patch currently covering half on one of the basketball courts is not skateable!"


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