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Skateboard violence Singapore

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This article is a year old but we only just stumbled onto it. Feel free to leave comments below.

"A 15-year-old cyclist wound up with 10 stitches on his face after trying to help a skateboarder he had accidentally collided with at a junction in Tampines. STOMPer Denver, a friend of the victim, says that the cyclist had tried to avoid the skateboarder when he saw him coming from the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, the two collided with each other when they both happened to swerve in the same direction. The cyclist then got up and apologised to the skateboarder, even reaching out to help him up. However, the unforgiving man turned angrily toward him and punched him on the face, leaving a deep wound at the corner of his lip. The man's punch fell hard on the young boy's face as he was wearing a ring at the time.

 In an email, an appalled STOMPer Denver says: "A friend of mine got punched hard on the face when he collided with a skateboarder. "Both of them collided at the junction of Tampines, opposite the Nissan car centre. "My friend was on the bicycle when both of them clashed. "My friend went to help him up and apologised to him. But instead of getting a thank you, he got a hard punch on the face.

 "The skateboarder was wearing a ring that made the punch even more severe. "He needed around 10 stitches for the gash "We hope to find this guy not because we want to get our revenge but we hope he will at least apologise. "If there are any eye witnesses, please contact the police. "The suspect is a guy about 20 years of age and his skateboard has the design of a skull on it."

A police report has been filed." Posted on 08 Apr 2010


Anonymous said...

we dont know the entire story. but this is a disgrace to all skateboarders. im sure the cyclist didnt mean to intentional crash into him. some more he is a kid.. vs some 20 yr old guy.. 10 stitches! kids face permanently scarred. hope they find the loser that punched this kid up!

freshmeat said...

obviously he's not a skateboarder, he's entirely a ''gangster'' trying to pick up some new hobby

Anonymous said...

Don't F around with Tampines Skateboarders...hahaha

Anonymous said...

this article is abit bias towards the cyclist, written by a friend of the cyclist and probably the cyclist's story as well. can't really say who is right and wrong but we can't just say this skateboarder is bad until we find out why he had to punch the cyclist

in other words, get the full story from both side

Anonymous said...

Cody Kia not nice guy

ooloe said...

to person that said dont f with tampines skater.. so u saying tampines skater are all "gangster"? not true

to person saying we dont know whole story- of course its just one side of the story cause the skater didnt stick around. and violence is never the issue to a problem- so yes he is in the wrong!

nobody talking about codykhai why bring him up?

this skater in article brings down the whole local scene. makes us all look bad. no wonder my parents never want me to skates- they think its for bad kids. they are wrong!

Anonymous said...

Haha, "his skateboard has the design of a skull on it." good luck interviewing everyone who was a Zero deck :P

Anonymous said...

Dont judge codykai, he not even living in tampines or skate with a skull deck -.-

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