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Street League - The Selection 2012

Posted by LCS

Street League has announced the names of the pros that will take five of the six open spots in the 2012 series; Ishod Wair, Austyn Gillette, Jimmy Carlin, Tom Asta, and Matt Miller. Each American pro has been selected as a result of the voting-based qualifier, The Selection, where ten of the most respected pros that were not yet in the league released never-before-seen footage for consideration. The 6th and final entrant will be a European pro who is chosen through the EU Selection being launched in conjunction with the DC Embassy Park in Barcelona, Spain (


Anonymous said...

Carlin's part sux. And austyn its meant to be a street part you filmed it all in park footage. So he didnt deserve a spot also. Really sux. Miller was most bitching part I've seen so far

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