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Siren - The Surrender

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Siren visited Habitat rider Austyn Gillette in LA to make this video.
Unfortunately, Siren had so much fun skating with Austyn, Daryl, and friends that he broke his ankle before filming commenced.

21-year old Stefan Niedermeyer aka SIREN is a half-German, half-Australian skateboarder and musician. He was raised in Singapore and now resides in London.

Filmed, directed and edited: Romke Hoogwaerts & Alex Pennacchia
Featuring: Austyn Gillette, Daryl Angel, Johan Stuckey & Walter the dog
Special thanks to: Habitat Skateboards & LSP
Music written, produced and mixed by: Craig Silvey, Rishiraj Banerjee & Stefan Niedermeyer
Performed by: August Carpenter, Rishiraj Banerjee & Stefan Niedermeyer


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