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Date : 23rd June 2012, Saturday
Check in - 10.30am - 1.30pm
Event: 2.00pm - 7.00pm
Registration closes on 21 June 2012, Thursday. Strictly NO registration on event site.
Vans presents Go Skateboarding Day 2012 at East Coast Xtreme Skatepark Singapore on Saturday June 23rd. The event will see skaters battle it out in the highest and longest Ollie contests as well as proving their consistency in the Best Line and Best Trick contest.

CASH prizes, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Cold drinks and Goodie Bags. What are you waiting for Register Now!

Vans has also arranged buses to help you get to the event.  There are 3 pick up points where you can hop on the Vans Bus.

*Bus Pick Up Timings: 10:30am and 12:00pm*
Bus at Bedok MRT - Taxi stand opposite Bedok Interchange, MRT exit A
Bus at *SCAPE Skate Park, Somerset - Along Exeter Road, opposite Comcentre
Bus at Xtreme Skate Park, East Coast Park - near Carpark F1


Anonymous said...

just now at ecp was fun

Anonymous said...

Thanks VANS! It was an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Hi brudders, i'm new to skating and wish to check if we can still skate at ecp skatepark after 10pm? Will the entrance gate be locked?

Anonymous said...

good to see all skaters out at vans go skateboarding day

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