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Vans Classic Tales: Firdaus Rahman

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Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to a clutch of Vans Advocates in Singapore. People who embody the independent and free spirit of iconic Vans brand.

A few weeks back, we talked to Farris Rahman, the youngest of the Rahman skate clan. Now, we’re presenting you Firdaus, the eldest of the brothers and one of the most talented skaters in Singapore. He came up big at the 2012 Asian X-Games a few weeks ago and we had a brief chat with him and here’s what he had to say.

1. Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I’m into cars, modding, random races and all that.

2. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

People think I’m arrogant but I’m not, I’m just a fun guy (laughs). I just don’t smile to people I don’t know, but when you get to know me I’m much easier to talk to ...

3. What can we expect from you this year?

Apparently I’m gonna do well at the 2012 Asian X-Games (*he topped the KXG prelims category just for Asian skaters). Maybe setting aside some cash to skate in Tampa, Florida.

4. What are your favourite vans shoes?

I like the Eras, Chukkas and most recently the new Stage 4 shoes. I like them because they’re pretty sick and ‘cos Chima (Ferguson) is skating them, and he’s one of my idols. Vans are just the best skate shoes ever, period.

5. What would a Vans collab shoe with you look like?

It would probably have a sotong (Malay for squid) or an anchor on it. Sotong is this board brand me and my brothers are working on, and anchor because I think it represents toughness - like my personal character. The colourway would be red, blue or black.

6. is there any sibling rivalry when you skate with your brothers?

I remember this comp at Somerset skate park where Feroze and Farris nailed their runs really well. I was like the last of us to go up and I just remember how high the pressure was. My parents and friends were watching, and everyone was looking at me and I could really feel the pressure. Both of my brothers performed so well, and I was thinking if I don’t make it people will think I’m full of shit, so I just said a prayer and thank god I made it! Even when we’re just skating normally we try to outdo each other and it just makes us better skaters. When I see them doing good stuff, I’ll be like “pfffttt, I can do that I wanna do something better”. So its like we push each other to the next level. When I look at my brothers skating i feel very blessed about it and I love seeing them skate on a higher level so I am very thankful for that.

Article by Julian Loh of Streething


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