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Taken from Straits Times Forum Letters Published on Aug 15, 2012

AS a result of limited land, the youth are finding it increasingly difficult to have a place to call their own ("Skateboarders lose old haunt at *Scape"; last Saturday).

While I am not an avid skateboarder, I know how important it is to have a familiar place one can hang out at and feel at home. This is how the young start connecting and identifying with the nation.
Offering them safe, exclusive places, where they can relax, socialise and feel as if their needs are being met, will also help reduce youth crime.

While I applaud the *Scape management's aim of encouraging entrepreneurship, and understand that the building sits on prime real estate in Orchard Road, I would think that there must be more realistic concessions to help youth entrepreneurs afford the rent.

I hope that the *Scape management realises the vital social aim of the first-floor space, changes its mind and becomes more youth-friendly.

Ching Ann Hui (Miss)


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