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Angelo's new toy

Posted by LCS

Angelo tests out the CN-126 light to help capture night sessions.


Barry's Hater said...

they are a lot skate videos in singapore but LCS don't wanna post cause LCS hate skaters who are rowdy! FAVORITISM!

Barry said...

If you want to hate on me that's fine but be manly enough to leave your name.

Please give me some examples of videos that we haven't posted that are too "rowdy". Obviously, we can't post every single video.

John Paul was kind enough to e-mail us the link to this video so we could share it on the site.

Barry's hater said...

im not saying videos that are rowdy. I'm talking about character wise so watever it is, i dun mind what you want to do cause this is the last time i'm visiting this website. So my last advice to you, be fair to all skateboarder. Peace!

Barry said...

I don't understand. You said "LCS hate skaters who are rowdy!"

If the skater is rowdy, then isn't that going to show in the video?

Anyway, please send us the video you are talking about and we will post it on the website.

Anonymous said...

i don't see whats the hate about. you probably don't know how LCS works. Its basically almost 1 guy maintaining it and obvirously he can't go on youtube/vimeo/facebook everyday just to check for video to post.

Let me help you

These are the check points:
-Have you email the link to LCS?
-Contain illegal shit like intentionally destroying public property(obvirously you help you and your friends get prosecuted)
-Is it watchable?(overly shaky)
-Is it Offensive?(Racism..etc)

Anyways there's more shit you should be worrying about like how the government is screwing us over with fucked up parks and scape recently sort of kicking us out from the sheltered one.

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