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You can't get a more local Singaporean theme than the infamous "Bahaya-Jangan Dekat" construction warning. We see these everywhere! Props to the artists.

PROJECT MIDAS SINGAPORE The Warning With a decade-long career in graphic design and an even longer passion for street art, urban culture and typography, PROJECT MIDAS was conceived in the sterile nation of Singapore with the sole objective of representing the finest artists worldwide.

When the trio are not busy conceptualizing the next big traveling exhibition, they get their hands dirty with silkscreening, painting, and even paper craft for commissions by various clients such as UK record labels to the Singapore Art Museum. Their style is to have no fixed-style, but rather to
understand the brief completely then inject their own meaning and direction.

With the recent launch of their online store, PROJECT MIDAS reinforces the idea that art should always be accessible whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.



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