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King of the road Singapore

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Singapore's first King of the road (State of Bedok) video premiere will be at 'The BlackBook' this 10/11/2012. Inspired by The original King of the road Thrasher. THE FIRST 50 EARLY BIRDS will receive Vans Goodies! So support your local and be there on 10th November 2012 at 8pm!

King of the Road (State of Bedok)
Date:  Saturday 10th November 2012
Time: 8pm to 10.30pm
Venue: BlackBook, 71C Sultan Gate, Singapore, 198496


khairudie said...

heyy ummm how do i go there from bedok???

apit said...

take a train den stop at bugis. walk to ootb skateshop den from there for sure u will get to find 71c sultan gate.

khairudie said...

okay thx apit

Anonymous said...

Just one random ane important question;if my trucks are too tight,how to loosen back,I use spanar but keep slipping,how?

Anonymous said...

buy new trucks

Anonymous said...

will this be released onto youtube?

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