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"Feel at Home" Premiere - Friday!

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"Feel at Home" Premiere
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Substation, 45 Armenian Street,  Singapore 179936
Cost: $12

Support your local Singaporean skateboarders featured in this Friday's 4th January 2013 "Feel at Home" premiere by Transit Skateboards.

Admission: $12, available from the box office, contact Mish’aal 6337 7800 /

Feel at Home is Transit Skateboard’s first movie project. The skateboard documentary will introduce you to the collective, their geographic locations and their relations with their respective towns. The documentary illustrates the effect skateboarding can have on the definition of “home”. Directed by Ralph Samson, the documentary will be featuring transit collective members: Alexandre Verville, Benoit Beaumont, Darryl Michael Seah, Hanafie Kamsani, Jeremi Dallaire, Drew Verderame.


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