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DC Shoes CNY Warehouse Sale

Posted by LCS

DC warehouse
6 Ubi Road
Wintech Centre
Singapore S408726

Perfect timing for another DC Shoes warehouse sale with Chinese New Year around the corner.


Anonymous said...

When does it open

Anonymous said...

It'z shown in e picture..

Anonymous said...

What time it open i've there twice but it close around 10:30-11am

Anonymous said...

Wasted i go twice and they are closed.

albina N muro said...

DC Shoes will be having a warehouse sale from 7 February to 17 February ... It will be open throughout the Chinese New Year holidays. survival warehouse reviews

albina N muro said...

Gilt City Warehouse Sale with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 .... for session of the sale, you can purchase tickets for whichever time slot best fits. survival warehouse food

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