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King Of The Road Singapore 2013

Posted by LCS

"King Of Road 2013 Singapore Edition Rules. This year is different from last year. This year we have 6 teams going head to head in the whole Lion City. This Event kick off at 1st of September 2013 and they have exactly 1 month to finish all the challenges given. The premiere will be held in 'Home Club' on 26th of October 2013. There will be Mystery Guest from Singapore Nooka skateboard team. But they will only be helping out the team. So May the best team or the most totals points team wins! So here are the teams which will be playing this year."

Vans Singapore Team
Terrorkota Team
Nike Sb Limited Edt Team
HomeStar Team
Hz Skateboards Team (malaysia and singapore riders)
Buttery Skate Crew Team


Anonymous said...

shamil has an influential style to me, so dope!

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