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Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park

Posted by LCS

Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park Skatepark has been around for a few years but we didn't feel it was worth listing on our Singapore skatepark directory. It's another typical skatepark designed with no local user input. The rails are positioned too close to grass patches and the ground is very rough. Bring a broom if you plan on skating here there are usually lots of twigs and leaves littering the ground. The closest MRT is Kovan (NE13).

Directions to Surin Avenue Neighbourhood Park


LCS said...

UPDATE: The park has already been demolished. If someone has updated photos please e-mail us or send them through FB. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When you say demolished, do you mean nothing is made of that space or the skatepark is still there?

Anonymous said...

Some parts are demolished some rails are still available

Anonymous said...

whole park is demolished

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask everyone abt this park. when i got the ans, its alrdy demolished?! whaaaaaat?!

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