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Volt Griptape

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A new local skateboarding brand is born Volt Griptape.

Volt Grip has only one objective. To get skateboarders motivated and all hyped up to head out to skate all day. If possible everyday. We try to recreate the emotion that you get from setting up a new fresh board. The exact same thing we're doing with our grips. We want to influence other skateboarders through our graphics and our hand picked riders. There will be seasonal change to our graphic collections. Designs are requested by our riders and hand crafted by our stencil artists. The graphics that we have posted out so far are of limited quantity. Hope skateboarders are as excited as our riders are. 

As of now we have Firdaus Rahman, Nazly Rosli and Khai Amrien on our starting line up. These 3 skateboarders are among the best we have in our Singapore skateboarding community. Each of them have their own identity and ability on a skateboard. What makes them a perfect fit for Volt Grip are their respective skills, enthusiasm and the good vibes they bring to others and skateboarding. For our future customers. They can simply contact us though our instagram, facebook page or even whatsapp us. And we will be happy to meet your questions or guide you through our purchase process! We hope that Singapore skateboarders are kind enough to show some support by purchasing our grips so we; riders, stencil artists and brand manager, can continue to serve our own skateboarding community.

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