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SOVRN Skateboards at Singapore skate shop

Posted by Barry

SOVRN skateboards is a new brand from Los Angeles created by Mikey Taylor. It focuses on skateboarding as an art form and is now available in Singapore at 418 skate shop  and

These boards work great at the skateparks across Singapore as well as for street skateboarding. Standard popsicle shapes available in a variety of widths to suit any skater. Made in USA from 100% Canadian maple. Exclusively available at Singapore Skate Shop 418.

Skateboarding and art collide as SOVRN releases their first pro-model for Mikey Taylor, "DIMANCHE" by French artist Eric Ampersand. Curated by Mikey himself, the board gets put to the test by a stacked SOVRN team. Needless to say, the results are brutally beautiful. Congratulations Mikey Taylor and thank you SOVRN for keeping skateboarding an art form.


Amelia Rich said...

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