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Cathay orchard skatespot

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Directions to Cathay orchard skatespot


Anonymous said...

Do you get kicked out a lot here because it looks so awesome. Do the guards just tell you off or do they like call the police because i don't want to get in too much trouble but i really want to go skate there because it looks really good.

Confucius Panda said...

Guards aren't too big a problem, but the night guard won't ask you to leave he'll just call the police so skate during the day

Anonymous said...

how do you come here?

venkatesh said...

that place is coooooool

Anonymous said...

guys its ok man if yall skate in large groups during the day they would not bother you. When i skate alone or with two other people they will stop me. But when i skate in 5s they didnt bother us

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i'm moving to Singapore soon and was wondering if there are any handrails that are bellow weights height, like hopefully 8 or more stairs.

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