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NSS Sale at Vivocity

Posted by LCS

NSS (Nice Skate Shoes) are on sale at the Atrium on the ground floor of Vivocity mall through Tangs. The sale ends tomorrow, Sunday 25th April 2010 so if you want a pair hurry on down to Vivocity.

SALE: $49 per pair

NSS was created in 1993 and they have had a few false starts. The shoes have been launched and re-launched over the years. Their website has switched from to and their wordpress website is still online despite the fact that it hasn't been updated since 2008. 

NSS has been met with lots of opposition from the skateboarding community. Some people say their shoes suck, but some say they are awesome and are very reasonably priced. Brian Sumner, Chad Knight, Kristian Svitak and Adrian Williams are all ex-riders but now with no professional athletes on the team it is unlikely that NSS will ever gain popularity in the skateboarding market. 

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When I approached the sales staff to inquire about the shoes he told me NSS is an acronym for New Skate Shoes! This is completely wrong. NSS = Nice Skate Shoes 

Tangs, you better train your staff a little better. I hate to think what would have happened if I asked him a technical question regarding the shoes. On a side note, the staff told me he was wondering what NSS meant and that he had looked it up in his own time. Tangs, at the very minimum should have given him a little information packet about the brand. 

I have never tried NSS but at only SGD $49 a pair that's a real bargain for any skate shoe.


LCS said...

Click on the Kristian Svitak link

Anonymous said...

Nice website

Andrew said...

In a way they kind of look like Vans

Ray said...

Isn't the guy doing a pop shuvit tail grab wearing some NSS?

haziq said...

Anyone tried before? any good?

Arthur said...

I tried NSS, they are not that great. Especially the red and black one. Destroyed in a month...

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy them Arthur? So it's like a normal skate shoe? Or not as good? I'm not sure if I should go tomorrow and buy or not? LCS can you put up a review of the shoes please..

Arthur said...

To Anynymous: I bought them somewhere in queenstown. If you want my advice, don't buy them! They are shoes that are very weak and rip very easily. Get something else trust me, it will last longer

Anonymous said...

Is this reasonably good to last a year for a beginner?

Anonymous said...

is the sales still up?

Anonymous said...

No, the sale is over. It says it right there.... For a beginner any shoe is fine. Even a Nike or Adidas as long as the sole is flat.

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