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Preduce: New website

Posted by LCS

Preduce skateshop over in Bangkok, Thailand will be launching their new website shortly. Members of the Preduce team were in Singapore last year for their video premiere of Sambai. If you missed the premiere and you didn't swing by Boards & Stuff for a free copy of the DVD, you will be happy to know that the video is now available to watch online at their new website.

You can also download a 500mb quicktime version of Sambai
By the way, this video has some insane skateboarding in it!


LCS said...

I need to reiterate how good the skateboarding in this video is! GO WATCH IT

OMFG said...

Just got through watching it!! Good to see some Singapore skatespots. Geng killed it! Two separate parts wth! Incredible soundtrack too.

Arthur said...

Yeah nice video! Sweet Skating and sweet website!

Unknown said...

yeh good website and thought the video was great

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