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Skateboarding in Uganda: Kitintale

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This post comes from Markus who emailed us letting us know about Kitintale. The video is a worthwhile watch and very inspiring. Their local skatepark is a place of social interaction and keeps kids out of trouble.

"Kitintale" is the name of a working class suburb of Kampala (Uganda) which has created the first skatepark in East Africa. Built unaided by a handful of skaters, fans, this facility has become the meeting point of all youth who gathers around skateboarding.

For more information or donations check out:


Anonymous said...

WOW, that video was crazy. They skate on mud roads! What! Some of them aren't bad.. would be cool to see a professional skateboarder come out of Uganda...

Ray said...


Wong said...

Skateboarding teaches you so many things about life!
It's awesome that there is a skatepark in East Africa... they should have more skateparks over there.
Singapore is truly blessed to have east coast skatepark. Just wish it wasn't so darn far away with no shade..

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