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Posted by LCS

NQMN sent us an e-mail letting us know about this little video he made. And now we are sharing it with you!

Description for TURNBUCKLE:

"The name TURNBUCKLE is actually an inside joke among my friends, so that's about as much as I can explain on how I came up with the title. T'is is only the teaser so get stoked for the actual video coming soon!" -NQMN


LCS said...

We liked all the different angles you used NQMN. With some solid skaters I think you could turn out a really good skateboarding video! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Aftermath said...

Nice Ollie

sk8rat said...

Singapore needs more filmers. If you want to film me, can?

darryl said...

nice editing man.

NQMN said...

Hey thanks guys for the comments! Anywho, I'm shooting TURNBUCKLE PART DEUX this 2nd May! Have a look see at the event!

darkstarr said...

awesome vid. would love to see more from you. from one fsv brother to another fsv brother, good job!

Anonymous said...

the guy who shoot this is damn good. he and his editing skills also good. good job NQMN!(Y)

e d d i e said...

great video man keep it up

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