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Subway Fresh Fit TV commercial

Posted by LCS

Alright, I saw this advert on TV a few months back and I immediately recognized the skateboarder. So here is a shout out to Markus for pulling off the backside boardslide down the rail at Somerset skatepark.


Andrew said...

HAHAHA yeah markus! That is sweet. Are you flow for subway now?

Anonymous said...

flow for sandwiches. yummy!

Kimberly said...

what subway restaurant is that?

Ray said...

This reminded me of Rick McCrank for some reason.. I think he does boardslide down a rail with a big gulp in his the menikmati es video. You could have tried it with a footlong!

Markus said...

nah dude full spons not just flow... gettin payd!! :P
@Kimberly its at the subway in Woodlands

Markus said...

Story behind the shoot:

Random person working for the "Reel Thing"(scout company) Walks up to me at the skatepark.

says "are u interested in filming a subway commercial"

Me: "hmmm,ehhh..."

Subway guy: "its 700 bucks pay!"

Me: "hell yea!!"

Then he recorded me skating for 5 mins, and called me back one week later saying i got the job.

Keep skating!!

LCS said...

@Markus: Nice little story you have there Markus. Thank's for sharing.

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