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New Blood: Mads Soegaard

Posted by LCS

Check out this video of Mads Soegaard tearing up Xtreme Skatepark.  Mads is from Denmark and has been in Singapore for the past 10 months. He has great style and makes tricks look effortless.


Anonymous said...

how old is he?
sick skating

Anonymous said...

heey this is Mads i am 13 i turned 13 the 1 december

Wong said...

Nice video- but the filming was a little bit shaky.. who filmed it? your friend?

mads soegaard said...

ya my friend filmed

Nic said...

I filmed it. but dude i had to hurry down those stairs man. Mads is hard to keep up with :D

LCS said...

Filming isn't easy. Good job Nic!

Majestic Te said...

Mads, you are so good

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