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Photographer and writer Wallace Woon, has just released a collection of skateboarding photographs titled "days on a board". The photographs are a mixture of action, documentary, and portraiture. Wallace is able to capture emotion and personality as he tells the skaterboarder's story. The Singapore skateboarders story.

Here are a few action shots taken from "days on a board"

We especially like this last shot because it has Barry in it, the head administrator of LCS

Visit Wallace's webpage to see "days on a board" in full.


Anonymous said...

I really like the picture of the skater just sitting on the half pipe.

Andrew said...

Sick photo Barry, was that a fs flip?

Barry said...

Hey Andrew, I think it's a frontside flip but the picture was taken quite a long time ago. I'm not sure if I landed it. I know I can't land frontside flips anymore- that's a fact haha.

Muzii said...

Great photography!~!!!

walrus and friends said...

wah this guy like power only, confirm world press photo next time.

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