lion city skaters

A compilation of footage by WBW

Posted by LCS

We Bleed Wood has just released a 40 minute online skateboarding video. These guys can skate! They would also make a great dance/pop group. Check it out now WBW!


Anonymous said...

i would have preferred it if they separated the video into different people's parts.. but it was still super sick ass video. When's the dvd coming out cause it should! ill buy it from go sports.

Chris said...

excellent sk8 video

Anonymous said...

the video was sick man! everyone has their own style! great job wbw! bet u guys didnt give it all though! seen alot more from u all! great song choices too! wbw is one big family where all crews should be like! PERFECT!

Tacas said...


Anonymous said...

Great work guys multi racial is the way to go!

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