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Hiromi skateboarding at Mini-LSP

Posted by LCS

Here is some old footage of Hiromi back when she was working with Love Skatepark. The mini-LSP skatepark featured in this video no longer exists as it was torn down due to violations. Nonetheless, the mini-ramp was arguably the best ramp in Singapore and is sorely missed. I think the whole skateboarding community became better at skating after just a few sessions on this mini-ramp, which was in fact a mini-mini-ramp.

Mini-LSP re-opened in November 2009 at a new location and with a different design. For pictures of the new Mini-LSP / Love Skatepark click on the skateparks directory above.


Anonymous said...

I loved the miniramp! And it's the best miniramp in Singapore. I learnt most of my ramp tricks there. Drop in, tail stall, rock to fakies.. perfect height for beginners.

nycs said...

great skating for a girl, well dones!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Mimi-chan

phonik said...

bitchin miniramp skillz
what's the name of the song?

hiromi said...

@phonik: The name of this song is 'Konomama zutto asamade' by Kato Miliyah :)

bing said...

hey hiromi do you remember me? im from thaialnd we were met at Esplanard at the ramp:):) and i thought you wer thai hahaha

bing said...

me and my friends really think that you pretty cool girl!! come to thailand again ok?? i want ur contact:)

hiromi said...

Hey Bing, yeah I remember you! It was nice meeting you. Thanks for the comment. It was a nice surprise to see some Thai girl skaters in Bangkok. Don't give up and I'm sure you can become a good skater! Let's keep in touch, my email is :)

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