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The Japanese Report

Posted by Barry

Here is some footage of Hiromi and myself in Japan. A full post with pictures and skatepark reviews will be posted at some point later.


Evangr said...

Skateparks in Japan look good. When will the report? or review of the parks be out?

Anonymous said...

nice skating barry / hiromi
nice cosplay girls haha

sk8rat said...

that mini-ramp in the forest looks amazing to skate, actually so does the one that is in a garage? the one with graff and tags all over. sick..

i might be travelling to japan next year, would love more info about the parks, thanks LCS or BARRY or HIROMI, or ANYONE that replies !!!

Anonymous said...


Arthur said...

holy crap the skateparks in japan look sick! Nice videos!!!
From France!

Wong said...

JapanOramaaaaaa! Groovy videos~

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