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Skate for Unity Competition

Posted by LCS

Skate for Unity is a skateboaridng competition organized by Big Foot Industries and Roller Plus. It is an event not to be missed! Local bands will be performing and there will even be a photography and art exhibition. Local streetwear brands will also have some booths setup.  See you guys there!

Date: Saturday, June 12, 2010 
Time: 3:00pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Somerset skatepark

Registration will take place at Somerest skatepark on the day of the event.

1) Grommies Category: Free skate format   Entry Free     (Max 10 competitors)
2) Rookies Category: 1 minute run format   Entry $10      (Max 20 competitors)
3) Open Category: Skate Jam format          Entry $10      (Max 40 competitors)

Event Schedule:
1400 hrs: 1st band Pop Whizzee
1500 hrs: 2nd Band performance Priv'e
1600 hrs: Start of Event Grommies Division
1615 hrs: End of heat 1
1620 hrs: Grommies Final
1630 hrs: End of Grommies Division
1700 hrs: 3nd band performance (20disc changer)
1700 hrs: Start of Rookie Division
1800 hrs: Rookie Final
1800 hrs: 4rd band performance(Green Monster)
1815 hrs: End of rookie final
1830 hrs: 5th band performance (Full Pledge Munkees)
1830 hrs: Start of Expert Division
1930 hrs: Open Category Final
2000 hrs: 6th band performance by (Cesspit)
2045 hrs: Prize presentation
2130 hrs: End of Event


hep said...

what does "skate jam format" mean?
Is it kind of like best trick?
Or more along the lines of who ever lands the most tricks?
thank you- i visit the site often but this is my 1'st comment.

LCS said...

There will be 5 riders per heat and each heat will last 3-4 minutes. Consistency and difficulty of the tricks being performed will both be judged.

Hafiz said...

What are the prizes for those who compete?

LCS said...

@Hafiz: Everyone that enters will receive a free event t-shirt.

We aren't sure about the prizes but we would presume skateboarding product from the sponsors listed on the event poster.

Anonymous said...

what does 1 minute format means.....??? Btw im hafiz

LCS said...

It means each skater will have a 1 minute run to perform as many difficult tricks as they can.

Anonymous said...

must we wear a helmet?

LCS said...

If you look closely on the flyer/poster. It states skaters must wear a helmet. Whether or not the organizers will enforce this we aren't sure. It might just be necessary for the grommies and rookies. If you have one bring it just to be safe.

LCS said...

We have deleted a few comments: "a verbal attack on any individual will be deleted." If people have criticisms regarding the event organizers, or judges please comment in a respectful manner. No-name calling please.

v-clo said...

During my run the MC incorrectly named 2 of the tricks I did.

This really distracted me when I was skating because I was worried the judges would also think I did the easier trick the MC was calling but I was doing a completely different one.

I know its hard being an MC and talking for hours and hours during an event but I didn't feel nice during my run and I think my score might have been effected. Other than that- it was a great event!

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