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Sale: Ravage Skateboards

Posted by LCS

Ravage Skateboards are having a sale. They have reduced their prices if you purchase more than 1 deck. This is a good chance to get together with your friends or find other people that are thinking of trying these boards. Leave your comments below and see if you can find other skaters that are interested in this promotion.


LCS said...

$185 / 3 = $61

Anonymous said...

bro i heard miz-29 sell $40 deck. is it true?

Jared said...

This is a good deal. Hope to see some skaters joining forces with me. No star wars pun intended.

Anyone want to join me in a 3 deck purchase?

DDin said...

Yo, I want in on this mass order. Thx!

Anonymous said...

i dont mind joining in a 3 deck purchase.

Ari Haikal S said...

I don't mind joining Jared. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

contact each other man.
i want to buy it before the promotion endds.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I already got mine. It's good :)

Anonymous said...

they should make 8" decks for big boys like me

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