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Star Wars Adidas Forum Mid AT AT

Posted by LCS

I am sure you all know Adidas has teamed up with Star Wars. If you don't you probably live in Hello Kitty Land and shouldn't be visiting this site. Anyway, the Star Wars Adidas Forum Mid AT AT is probably the nicest looking design from the Star Wars collection and is now available at Leftfoot.  It is modeled after the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT walker) and so you can probably skate with them. "all-terrain" being a word in every true street skateboarders vocabulary.


Ray said...

LCS stormtroopers Bangin!

Anonymous said...

pretty alright looking

caden said...

???where can i get this shoes???

LCS said...

@Caden: It says it right there in the post! You can get them from Left Foot:
Tel: 6736 3227

Or drop by one of their stores. There is one near Boards & Stuff at Cineleisure.

Anychance said...

Any chance LCS can get us some kind of discount? They look really cool!

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