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NYC Xtreme Championship Cup

Posted by LCS

"The Championship Cup 2010 will feature the preliminary competition and semi-finals at Somerset Skatepark on 10 July. Thereafter, the finals of the Championship Cup will be held at the East Coast Skatepark on 11 July. The top 10 winners of the Championship Cup (Professional Category) will be given the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Xtreme Championship 2010."

The registration form can be dowloaded here

Completed forms should be faxed or emailed to Ms Lee Jia Xian
6735 4568 / / Scape Youth Center, 113 Somerset Road

Registration closes Friday July 9th at 4pm. But don't wait until then. Register NOW!


Anonymous said...

new competition.......... woohoooooo.. thank you!!! signing up now haha!

wtwtwt said...

hey guys, the nyc website is down... someone told me they still creating the website, even though the competition in only 1 week away haha.. anyway..can still register

Jamie said...

Is there an itinerary? Or a schedule? What time does skateboarding start?

LCS said...

@Jamie: The schedule will be given out on the day itself. If we get it earlier we will post it up.

The registration forms are also available at some skateshops.

Ray said...

Yes! No Work. I'm joining this time around!!

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