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Bishan Skatepark - Fast Forward >>

Posted by LCS

Here is a new video from RYT featuring Batam and Nazeer at Bishan skatepark. The video is very raw with no music, which is a nice change as it puts more focus on the individual characters and their skateboarding. Difficult tricks, clean landings. Now stop reading this and go skate!


sk8rat said...

Should be called going pro with those two. they so good. what's the secret to getting good hehe? cup noodle?

Anonymous said...

nollie bigspin blip fakie!

Hanafie Kamsani said...

Nazeer badan terminator sak...

Arthur said...

that tre flip transfer was so sick!

Anonymous said...

Look how high that Fs Flip at 3:34mins. Is this Fakie vs Run Bdk? Hahah. They should make that video cause all of them are good.

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