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Posted by LCS

What are you doing this National Day?

Best Line Skateboarding Competition
Date: 9th August 2010
Location: SCAPE basement
Time: 5pm -7pm


Anonymous said...

Registration is only avail. on the day of the contest right?

sha said...

cool@ can win power balance???

LCS said...

@Anonymous: Yes, registration is from 12-4pm on 9th August. The competition will start at 5pm.

Arthur said...

damn so many competitions going down in singapore nowadays!!! :P

treyz said...

any pics or video of the comp?

Angie. said...

The top 4 is super power with Juraimi, Khai, Batam and Afi. I dont even know who is batam until he do the last trick and make the crowd goes wild. But can see that Juraimi have the best line. Batam close down the compertition with the Big Flip Frontside Boardslide. That was sick. He should won the best trick.

Anonymous said...

is there any compettions coming up this month or next month???

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