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Volcom Skateboard Giveaway

Posted by LCS

The good people at Volcom and Zouk have an exclusive Volcom skate deck to giveaway to all you mad supporters of Volcom. Featuring a collage of Volcom imagery and fitted with Independant Trucks and Spitfire Wheels, this deck is just waiting to be shredded up. So send in your entires with a picture of you decked out in Volcom gear and one lucky person will be chosen to win this awesome deck.

Check out Plussixfive and Zouk for more details.

It's pretty cool that Volcom Singapore (Flash and Splash) is giving away a complete skateboard. It's a shame  they don't know how to put on trucks. It's on backwards people! Embarrassing.


Anonymous said...


sk8bear said...

peeps at the sports stores don't know anything about skateboarding. free skateboard is still a free skateboard. sign me up

sk8bear / nemesis of sk8rat

Anonymous said...

look at the truck?might be they dont no to put it the good way huh hahaha

sk8rat said...

hello sk8bear,

i agree, the "peeps" at fashion/sports/clothing stores don't know a thing about skateboarding, the riders on the team or anything.. what's more worrying is that, some poor kid will buy one of these decks from a volcom store and not even know they are on backwards! he would find skateboarding much harder and probably end up quiting..

so i guess you aren't my nemesis if you agree. plus everyone knows rats skateboard better than bears

-splinter out

Anonymous said...

not one but both trucks are positioned wrong loll

Anonymous said...

probably they think the trucks are reversed like longboards. =P

lol32 said...

Isn this a Longboard??

tom said...

No it's not a longboard.
This looks like a cruiser.
Longboards are usually much longer than this thing.
Plus it's got skateboarding branded trucks "indys" so i think it's fair to call it a skateboard.
Although the correct term if you want to get technical might be cruiser. Any long-boarders here want to clarify the difference or who is right?

Zephy said...

It's a cruiser most likely. But who ever said longboards are definitely long? You'd be surprise at some longboards being around or even smaller(be it a bit or a lot)skateboard size Har Har Har :D

Seo_Zone said...

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Urban Surfer Discount Codes said...

Skateboard give away? That's so wonderful. I hope only the people who can't afford to buy skateboards but are quite passionate about riding them gt benefited from this give away.

Muhammad Hassan said...

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