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A few months back we posted about NQMN, a new up and coming skateboarding videographer.  Here is his skateboarding video, Turnbuckle.

Edited by NQMN

It was a pleasure to shoot this video. Thanks to all my friends who came down to skate. I appreciate every fall and every trick you guys did. This is only the beginning. If God's willing there'll be more videos to come, each topping the previous one both technically and aesthetically. Till then, stay true, and stay strong!


Anonymous said...

great shots and great potential

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

nicely edited video, how long did it take to film
+ edit?

Anonymous said...

Pure sk8boarding no gimmick no BS just Sk8boarding this is wat it should be...FUNN

Shamo said...

This is awesome!

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