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Street League Results

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Street League is over and the results are in. Nyjah Huston has emerged victorious accumulating a total of 515 points through out the 3 stops. He was awarded the championship Trophy as well as the Nixon $100,000 hand – diamond encrusted street league watch. Overall series points results are:

1. Nyjah Huston 515
2. Shane O’Neill 497
3. Sean Malto 483
4. Chris Cole 480
5. Chaz Ortiz 480
6. Ryan Sheckler 449
7. Paul Rodriguez 446
8. Torey Pudwill 441
9. Greg Lutzka 434
10. Mikey Taylor 396
11. Eric Koston 387
12. Billy Marks 378
13. Mark Appleyard 357
14. David Gonzalez 351
15. Tommy Sandoval 342
16. PJ Ladd 336
17. Dylan Rieder 327
18. Brandon Biebel 324
19. Terry Kennedy 324
20. Nick Dompierre 321
21. Mike Mo Capaldi 294
22. Marc Johnson 221
23. Peter Ramondetta 138
24. Luan Oliveira 0


Anonymous said...

the results are surprising.
i thought PJ would had done much better. But he has never been known to be a contest skater right?

im also surprised how bad mikemo and ramondetta placed. wish there was more footage of the warmups, behind the scenes and interviews with all the pro's on how they think they did.

Anonymous said...

y didnt luan come eh?....

sk8bear said...

Geof Rowley also didn't show up.
But I remember watching his "signing paper" with dyrdek on the berrics.

So im not sure why Luan and Geoff didn't compete.

The only flip member that did compete was david gonzales.

Geoff Rowley was at Las Vegas with David Gonzales, I saw pictures on the flip website.. so i have no idea why he didn't end up competing... anyone know the full story?

Anonymous said...

woho!!nyjah houst won

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