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eS game of skate Finals

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eS game of skate finals
Date: 12th December 2010
Time: 11am
Venue: SCAPE
Registration required for the JR Big 7 stair contest

The eS game of skate finals will take place on Sunday 12th December 2010 at SCAPE. After the finals there will be another competition on the large set of stairs outside SCAPE. These stairs are massive and with only 3 attempts to land a trick it's going to be a real challenge.


Anonymous said...

what are prizes for the stair contest?

mikey taylor said...

can you put pictures of the stairs?? got to know what we are dealing with here..

Anonymous said...

you are dealing with this

Anonymous said...

we gonna skate the whole stairs set? thats impossible for us.

Anonymous said...

it's possible babeyh

Anonymous said...

erm, kids would jump off that place anyway. would you do it alone or with the rest of the community cheering for you?

Anonymous said...

if you knew anything, you'd have known people have already gotten injured really badly for skating that massive set. dont talk cock and say prize dont matter when it's a freaking comp, what the heck are you joining for, THAT 7 stairs is no joke for u to say "just to have fun." go ahead, we'd all love to see you try and not giving a shit if it was for a pack of tissue papers. how does it feel now stupid? pfft.

Anonymous said...

yeah, its really high impact. serious chance of injury. feel sorry for the guy that broke his foot trying ollie. i only join this comp if i know im gonna get like 1 complete set up and shoes. or couple hundred dollars. sorry but otherwise no point risking my body for no prize or some tissue papers. so what is the prize?

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