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LCS decks at Skaters World

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Shout outs to Skaters World for helping promote the LCS deck. Be sure to check out their blog and stay up to date with their products and promotions. They currently have a pretty awesome deal for completes at just $99 which is great if you are just starting skateboarding.

Lion City Skaters Limited Edition Board
The limited edition baoard is in store now..
Go get yours and support your local skate scene!


avengerTT said...

i visit your site every day. its great to have an unbiased input on the local skate scene instead of a shop blog.

cool that the deck is finally out, it looks really welldone i havent got one yet but will get soon on pay day.

thkz for giving me something to read watch and stay motivated in my skating. also really appreciate all the shop addresses. i didnt even know some of the shop exist! and parks to.

some one said u closing down the site after all the lcs deck are sold. hope its not true??

capboy said...

99 for complete set? same as miz 29 and board n stuff. not even a good deal

capboy said...

It is a good deal.
So you sayin boardnstuff miz and skatersworld ripping people off?
99 is great deal.

im gonna go jump now

Anonymous said...

yo barry mad props to the deck i just got one at MD just now totally sick but the stupid rusty boxes there just dirtied the deck!

btw it is kind of heavy lol the baker boards were significantly lighter ( i was deciding which to buy) but still mad sick.

Barry said...

Thank you for the complement. Glad we have been able to entertain and provide information that was useful to you.

Thanks for purchasing the deck and supporting the LCS website brother! We really appreciate it! Send us an e-mail or FB message so we can hit you up with some extra stickers.

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