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LCS T-shirt and Deck

Posted by LCS

Currently Available at: 
Roller Plus (30 Woodland Ave 1, #01-08 The Woodgrove)


Anonymous said...

nice i gona get 1 soon

Nicky G said...

What sizes are there, where can I get them and how much?? This shit is tighhht

Josh said...

pretty sick guys

LCS said...

LCS decks are now ready for sale. Help support the site by purchasing a deck and filming yourself skating the streets of Singapore.

All videos filmed with the LCS deck will be uploaded to the LCS website :)

If you want to purchase the deck directly from us instead of your local skateshop just send us a message and we can arrange a time to meet at Somerset.

Width 8.0
Price $75

Nicky G said...

Yo Barry, could you bring one deck down to somerset on the weekend or something? That would be sweet:)

Anonymous said...

How much for the tee, and where to get it?

Anonymous said...

Just got one from the skate shop ! it's fucking awesome.. laser engraved logo and free sticker but the design is too nice.

Nicky G said...

I just bought tie deck:) for those who are wondering, the pop on the deck is amazing and it also feels good to know that the deck you're riding has soul and has the place you live, on it:) it's a good investment.

Anonymous said...

eh ang moh reserve for me plz overseas now. oh ya shirt how much

Gene said...

picked one up. im not gona skate with it. its going on my wall hehe

i dont think the t-shirt is for sale yet. only the skateboards

Monk said...


Anonymous said...

is it still available now

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