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Point8cam in Singapore

Posted by LCS

Kualar Lumpur's top skateboarding videographer and our good friend Point8cam (Nasri) was recently in Singapore for 4 nights and filmed a tourist / skate travel video blog. The video features top Singaporean skaters Syed, Nazeer and Firdaus. Definitely want to check this one out guys!

For more of point8cam's videos check out (currently under maintenance)


Anonymous said...

3:41 ... jizz in my pants.

Anonymous said...

nice camera editing (:

Anonymous said...

A lil too much talking, not enough skating, but omfg this guy can edit like a mofo. ITS SUCH SICK EDITING! IMAGINE HIM EDITING A WHOLE SKATE VID LEGIT OMFG JIZZZ

Unknown said...

$6 hotel?? where? i had a plan to backpack in singapore before but don't know where to stay

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