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Being Terry Kennedy Ep.8

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Episode 8 of Being Terry Kennedy is called "Tricked or Tricked Out" and revolves around Terry's determination to master the fakie kickflip crooked grind in preparation for the inaugural Street League 2010.

Terry starts attempting the trick at one of Rob Dydrek's "safe spot skate spot" skateparks but has trouble locking into the k-grind position. So he calls his friend and action sports trainer Sean Hayes. Sean takes him to some open-air street gym and they pump some iron. 

I don't really think the chest presses and upper body strength training Sean has him doing in this episode will help with the fakie kickflip k-grind, but the core body exercises Terry does at home should help with his balance and stamina i.e.  S K A T E B O A R D I N G

Anyway, in the end instead of seeing Terry land a perfect fakie kickflip k-grinds we see some footage of his ex gf.

For those of you who don't know Sean Hayes, he is a professional skateboarder from Vancouver, Canada who also works with Ezia Human Performance, a fitness and sports performance center.

Quick clip with some Canadian professional skateboarders including Sean Hayes.

Just curious, when I was watching this online I had to sit through four Ambi facial care commercials. Did anyone else have the same commercial? Who is watching Terry's show that needs women's Ambi facial care products..

Big shout outs to Terry and Sean for bringing skateboarding to the masses.


Anonymous said...

lol this episode was so funny
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