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Asian Extreme Sports Championships

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Here is some footage of the Asian Extreme Sports Championshp's that took place last weekend in Taipei, Taiwan. We haven't been given the results from team Singapore but we think Hong Kong took home 1st place and 2nd place in the street skateboarding category.

Asian Extreme Sports Championship Practice

Filmed and edited by LeeHawk

Asian Extreme Sports Championship Finals
Filmed and edited by Shifnu


Anonymous said...

i saw farris do the jump ramp. did no one take any pictures? team singapore coverage got?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

For the full final results you can check at Farris is 4th and Nazzer 8th at the park event. Farris won 1st on Vert section. Nazzer is 3rd at Best Trick....

LeeHawk said...

yeah...all good, support skateboarding...let's do it.

Unknown said...

the trick at 1:59 in the finals video was the craziest thing I've ever seen. It was crazier than the sacktaps and stuff Bob Burnquist does. When he threw his board up in the air in front of him I didn't even think he was gonna land it. All of these skaters are super good.

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