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Hairul Zain with a monster kickflip somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photography by Ariff Budiman

Remember if you are ever in KL be sure to check out Zain's new skate shop HZ skateboards.


Anonymous said...

you can tell the singapore skate scene is not all that great when lcs having to post malaysian skateboarders for photooftheweek.

singapore skate scene so mediocre.. no one filming or taking pics.

thankz lcs for trying to make sense of the local singapore scene.

btw, this probably the best photooftheweek haha

Anonymous said...

yo dog

why you gotta put us down like that?
maybe we just too lazy and shit to do our filming and shit. you cant say we suck, did you not see the recent LCS post on the competition bullshit farris raped the vert section and nazeer got 3rd for best trick.
skating is chilling so chill the fuck out

Anonymous said...

im just saying the skate scene in other asian countries seems to get more coverage, local magazines, videos, teams, etc.

im not talking the level of skateboarding.

im chatting about coverage. where is the coverage from this taiwan comp? whole team from singapore went and we have coverage from HK and Taiwan skaters.

im just voicing my opinion. no putting down.

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