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El Jefe skateboarding video

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Watch out for "El Jefe" a new Singaporean skateboarding video coming out in January 2011. We are proud to announce that Lion City Skaters will be hosting an online premiere for El Jefe on 18.01.2011. The official trailer which was just released today. Check it out below.

Filmed and edited by NQMN

El Jefe; The Chief / The Boss  Feat. Muhammad Syakir    Music by Tycho - The Daydream


Anonymous said...

Im actually excited to watch this, hopefully some good skating with good filmin and editin.

Anonymous said...

Thought of using the song for my video initially but oh well,too bad for me.

fiveonit said...

if this video has good skaters, its gonna be amazing, what camera do u use?

Anonymous said...

where's the spot @ 0:29

dude said...

does anyone know what shoes were those at 0:19?

darryl said...

daaaaayum, where's that ledge spot at 0:28!

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