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Mettle Games 2010 highlights

Posted by LCS

Here are the Mettle Games 2010 skateboarding highlights. The video only features Firdaus (1st), Farris (2nd) and Sirawat(3rd) and none of the other finalists. We aren't sure if they will be releasing a full or more in-depth complete video but we will keep you updated if they do.

Does anybody else have an issue with the commentators or is it just us? They sounded half asleep, they must have been reading off a script. Next time get some skateboarders that know the course, tricks and athletes.

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Anonymous said...

lol u right the comentator doesnt sound excited. im sure they never skated the course, or even play skateboard. why they never put the whole contest online, 2011 almost and they air it on some shitty tv channel

chalk said...

they sound aussie
shjouldnt we have local commentators..
support your local scene!

myself said...

no they shouldnt. aussie is the best.
supoort the aussies

Anonymous said...

wtf. this is a singapore contest. nothing to do with aussie. no aussie competitors, no aussie pros. so NO aussie commentators that dont fucking sk8

the pro's should have judged the comp, and done the voice over, at least they know what's what.

agree with chalk- support local scene.

Richard said...

pretty sure they are from new zealand. get it right. and the only thing that bothered me is that out of all the tricks that could choose to slow mo, they chose a back board.

Anonymous said...

Its probably cuz its a voice over. hard to sound excited when youre commenting on something that had already occured.
At least we understand everything they said. Had it been a local, chances are we would need subtitles.

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