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Brainlezz Apparel

Posted by LCS

It's always exciting to see new local brands coming up. Here is Singapore's very own clothing company Brainlezz Apparel. Brainlezz rider Hafiz kamsani has been proudly serving the nation for the last 5 months and celebrates the end of training with some stylish skating.

Filmed by Wan and Edited by Chen

Expect an official website, videos and more dope designs to come from Brainlezz Apparel in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

cool name.. where can i buy their shirts? and how much?

Anonymous said...

filmed by wan, edited by chen

Anonymous said...

brainless?? you have to be brainless to wear that shirt..

RogerRabbit said...

maybe its a message to humans that we are all brainless and told what to do, and how to act by the media.. i like the name. its different and really stands out. In terms of branding.. its a 100% success!

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