lion city skaters

Chill skating at MeiFoo skaepark, HK

Posted by LCS

Richard was lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong for a few days and managed to put together a short video for LCS. This video is pretty amazing because it's the first time we have ever seen Richard wearing Jeans. It must have been too cold for the shorts and wife beater. Enjoy the relaxed tune and chill skating.

Filmed and edited by 69noobslayer


wong said...

whats the name of thesong?
was meifoo worth going to? im going to hk for chinese new year. do they have a flatground rail ?

Anonymous said...

I've never seen Richard in jeans before.

Hanafie Kamsani said...

somehow richard looks like rob welsh....

Jacob said...

Hella dope man!!!
Love the BCKSD FLP

Richard said...

yh i thought i would throw something new in.

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