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Moving Block Skate Challenge

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Reverie Wearable Connection is organizing a skateboarding best line competition at Go Sports Margaret Drive to commemorate the end of 22 years of operations at Margaret Drive. Opened in 1988, Go Sports will be moving to a new location in February 2011.

Reverie Best Line Competition
Date: Saturday 29th January 2011

Location: Go Sports MD
Time: 11am
Registration can only be completed online at Reverie
Cost: $10 payable on the day of the competition

2 categories:
Under 18 years old  (25 skaters)
Above 18 years old (25 skaters)

1st place   : G-Shock watch & Trophy/Medal
2nd place : Go Sports to announce prize at a later date (Trophy/Medal)
3rd place  : Draven shoes and a Fuct T-shirt & Trophy/Medal

To learn more about Reverie visit their blog at and facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Then no more skate spot?

Anonymous said...

ahhh woooooooAAA! So true... no more sporty spot, WOA....... is it?

Anonymous said...

do we need to bring any safety gear like helmet?

Anonymous said...

-Gos sports will bring the ramps over to the new location,unless the government discard them in the process.
-safety gear is advised but not compulsory :)

Anonymous said...

How are we gonna know that we're in the competition after the sign up

Anonymous said...

good question, is there an email confirmation?
i want to know my registration has been successful...

Anonymous said...

Why didnt i get an email while my fens get it?

Anonymous said...

is registration closed?

Anonymous said...

it might be that 18 people has alrdy been selected so they did not email u back

Anonymous said...

crappppyyy event!!!!

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